Faerieworlds LLC


August 18th - 24th, 2020
Hornings Hideout

Hello and Welcome!

Please sign-up for one team only at a maximum of 18 hours! Do not sign up for more than 18 hours. If your preferred team does not have enough hours left, please choose a different team. If you sign up for more than one team, your hours will be deleted.

What you get for Volunteering:

12 hours of your time= a free weekend event pass without camping (valued at $130)
14 hours of your time= a free weekend event pass with free camping (valued at $220)
16 hours of your time= a free weekend event pass with free camping and a free event pass without camping (valued at $350)
18 hours of your time= a free weekend event pass with free camping, a free event pass without camping and a free all-weekend overnight parking for cars only. (valued at $390)


2nd Stage (invite only) - Also known as the Forest Stage, this team is focused on making the second stage just as lively and beautiful an experience as the Main Stage. Available shifts Thursday-Monday

ADA (invite only) - These are the individuals who help ADA folk get around the festival with ease. They arrive at the designated ADA spots in a timely manner and resonate fun and fervor! Available shifts Thursday-Monday

Admissions - These folk greet all at the entrance to the event up at the top of the hill. Their enthusiasm, joy, and faery aesthetic is the first-contact experience! If you make great first impressions, quick and capable with technology, and don't mind the rush and thrill of efficiency, this is the team for you! Available shifts Thursday-Sunday.

Camping/Parking - These folk help cars and other traffic get through efficiently by staying at an assigned area to wave cars through and direct traffic. We encourage you to wear your costumes and bring your juggling, hula-hooping, instruments and other equipment to entertain yourself and others and bring the Faerieworlds flavor to your spot! Available Shifts Thursday-Monday.

Children's Area -  Also known as the Fae Brae, the Children's Area boasts a lot of entertaining activities including crafts, tea parties, and foam fighting events! This team fills up fast so please be flexible and plan for another team!

Info Booth - The place where all go for clarification. This is the desk of knowledge. This is where you know your policies, locations, and event information! If you like aiding others and offering your best, most professional game-face, this is the team for you! Available Shifts Friday-Sunday.

Merch Booth (invite only) - These lovely individuals man offer delightful merchandise from the event and the bands! You get to be near the music but not jostled by the crowd and stunning costume is encouraged! Available Shifts Friday-Sunday.

Production Set-Up/Breakdown - These folk help bring the realm to life and scurry it away at the end of the event. They help all other teams and is a great team for those who like being active and physical and making things happen! Available shifts Thursday-Monday.

Programming - Specifically referring to the workshops of the event, the programming team helps the Workshop Team Lead set-up workshops, help stow-away items, and makes sure that the workshop instructors have everything they need! Available Shifts Friday-Sunday

Trash/Recycling - Ride in a truck and make regular stops for trash/recycling. Keep the event sparkling and lovely! Available Shifts Friday-Sunday

Vending -  The start of the event! We get our vendors in early before everyone else arrives and we are the last to go! The transformation of the space into Faerieworlds starts here! Help get vendors checked in, help stake out the areas and direct traffic, help bring vendors to their designated spots and get them ready to go! Available shifts Wednesday (on approval)-Monday.

Volunteer Coordination - The helpers of the event. We make sure everyone else is working smoothly and that the volunteers are checked in and ready to go! Join the Volunteer Coordination team if you love to organize and help people and don't mind flexibility. Shifts available Wednesday-Monday.

Things to note:

If you receive an e-mail from the Volunteer Coordinator (filia24lunae@hotmail.com) please reply as quickly as possible. That will ensure the likelihood of getting the shifts that you prefer.

Those who sign-up for the Camping/Parking team will get free weekend parking for their car automatically but only if all their volunteer hours are for Camping/Parking.

Children's Area volunteer spots fill up fast and those who have volunteered there before get seniority. If you would like to volunteer for the Children's Area but are new or have never volunteered for that team before, you will be put on a wait-list and be encouraged to sign up for another team.

Consider joining our facebook group at "Volunteers for Faerieworlds". Here volunteers can chat about rideshares, get to know each other, and stay notified beyond regular e-mails about the goings-on of Faerieworlds.

And, as always, thank you. You are the heart and the community of Faerieworlds and we are so glad that you are bringing your own special magic to the realms.

Sorry, there are no shifts available at this time.

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